At a Glance

For some time, energy and environmental scientists and engineers have recognized the essential nexus of energy and water, in which we often use water to produce energy and we require energy for environmental cleanup. Our nation’s water resources are under extreme pressure. The advanced modeling and simulation (AM&S) of the surface and subsurface science is critical to the sustainable management of these resources. The introduction of AM&S practices over the past several decades have proven to produce better products more quickly and at a reduced cost. This computational experimentation has enabled the design and development of a variety of innovative products by reducing the need to build expensive prototypes and by enabling rapid, comprehensive design studies across a wide variety of products. Despite these successes, there are significant barriers to the widespread adoption of these tools. By its dependency on high-performance computing (HPC), AM&S is complex to use, needs in-house expertise, and requires high capital costs. This project intends to simplify AM&S for surface and subsurface science with a turnkey cloud/web-based environment for HPC workflows — which leverage ParFlow  — to enable the seamless exploration of issues related to water resources without complications.