The theme for this year’s MODFLOW and More Conference is “Hydrologic Modeling in a Changing World.” Since the inception of this conference series in 1998, the pace of change around the world has accelerated beyond anything that could have been imagined. In 1998, it would have been unimaginable that complex hydrological models could have been run “on-line”; we have since transitioned from main-frame computers, through laptops and desktops, the cloud, and on to community modeling. The data used to construct and calibrate hydrologic models are practically streamed real-time, and the questions posed of numerical models have grown from local, through continental, to global scales. The hydrologic modeling community is inundated by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, super-computers, and big data management, which offer great promise in the evolution of modeling processes. At the same time, fundamental principles still apply and form the bedrock of our day-to-day work. At this year’s conference, we challenge participants and the expert panel alike with envisioning hydrologic modeling over the next 20 years and fomenting ideas and formulating solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Given our new location for 2022, we wanted to provide some resources and information to let you know about the many beautiful and exciting things there are to do in and around Princeton! Please use the icons below to find out more information about local sights, as well as other regional attractions.

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