Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will close on Tuesday, March 22 at 11:59pm EDT.

Session topics for MODFLOW and More 2022 are listed below. Please note you will be asked to select a session and a presentation format preference (oral or poster). A guide has been provided to inform your abstract formatting and content requirements. Please follow these guidelines to generate your abstract document.

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MODFLOW and More 2022 Session Topics:

  • Contaminant Transport Modeling: Developments and Case-Studies
  • Integrated Modeling to Understand and Manage Water Supply, Water Quality, and Ecology
  • Unconventional Applications of Groundwater Models
  • Modeling in Support of Environmental Remediation and Restoration
  • Past, Present, and Future of Mining and Groundwater
  • Simulation Code Verification, Benchmarking, and Intercomparisons
  • Advances in Integrated Hydrologic Modeling
  • Multi-Model Analysis, Parameterization, Sensitivity Analysis, and Uncertainty
  • Modeling of Coastal Aquifers and Evaluation of Groundwater Consequences of Sea Level Rise
  • Data-Driven Modeling: Machine Learning for Hydrogeologists
  • Time Series Analysis to Understand and Solve Groundwater Problems
  • Groundwater Resources and Climate Change
  • Occurrence, Transport, and Health Risks of Emerging Contaminants in Groundwater
  • The Analytic Element Method to the Rescue: Developments and Applications
  • Modeling Agricultural Demands, Processes, and Impacts on Water Resources